Looking For A Nanny? Don't Hire One Without Checking This List!

19 February 2021
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If you are a loving and concerned parent who unfortunately cannot stay home with your kids, you may soon start the search for a good nanny. Nannies come in all different shapes and sizes, though they do have certain characteristics that make them fit for caring for your kids. Here are a few things you may want to look for in a nanny.

Great References

If you can find a nanny who has several positive references from other childcare jobs, you can rest assured that they have plenty of quality experience caring for children. Ideally, a nanny will stick with one family for many years and then only move on once the family no longer needs a nanny. This allows the children to create strong healthy bonds with their nanny. Once you get the references of your candidate, make sure to call their previous employers. That way you can ask what it was like to employ them, their work ethic, and their reasons for leaving. 

Emergency Training

You never know what is going to happen at your house while you are absent. For this reason, you should make sure that your nanny has training in emergency situations. For example, it is a huge plus if they are CPR and first aid certified. That way instead of being unsure of what to do if your child starts choking or falls and gets a cut, they will know how to respond. 

Excellent Rapport

Rapport is how in-sync two people are. Does conversation come easy naturally, or do things seem stiff? When your children meet the nanny, internally gauge how well they seem to get on. If the relationship seems easy, they will likely work well together. Sometimes bad rapport makes for challenging relationships. 

Glowing Background Check

Make sure to do a full background check on any candidates you are serious about. It will cost you, but it can uncover anything that your nanny has not told you about upfront. A simple background check can help you to feel completely confident in your new nanny. They are definitely worth the time and money. 

In conclusion, if you can find someone with all of these things, the last thing you should do is set up a day where they can come and spend some time with your kids. If they seem to get along really well and you feel like it's a good fit, you've got yourself a new nanny.