5 Child Care Options Available For Your Little One

16 September 2021
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Do you need help taking care of your child? Whether it's time to return to work or you simply need extra help, different child care options are available. Therefore, whether you need part-time or full-time help, there's always a care provider who will meet your needs and suit your schedule. Go through the different options below and choose one which best meets your needs.

1. Daycare Center

These are traditional child care centers where you drop off your child in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Most daycares operate during ordinary work hours, while some provide either half-day or full-day care.

Daycares typically charge monthly rather than hourly and work with a structured routine with a large number of children. The daycare center structure usually mimics a school, having different rooms depending on the child's age.

2. Nanny

A nanny is an individual you hire to provide in-home care for your child. Depending on the contract, they can commit full-time hours or be part of your employee staff.

Most nannies charge their labor per hour, and you'll both agree on the working hours per day. They're a suitable option as they allow for a more individualized and flexible child care system. However, hiring a nanny can cost slightly more compared to other options.

3. In-Home Child Care

Some companies offer in-home child care options. They send their staff over to your home to look after your child. It's the right choice of care if your child has special needs, autism, or suffers from any disability. Since the child is already familiar with the home environment, they'll find it easy to move around the house and feel comfortable rather than taking them to daycare. 

4. Preschool

A preschool mimics daycare but is only ideal for children between the ages of three to six years. Preschool introduces children to a school setting and offers an age-appropriate learning center for children. Children get to interact and play with others of the same age. It's the best option if you need an instructive routine program for your child.

5. Babysitter

This option involves getting someone to look after your child for several hours. Getting a babysitter is a cheap and flexible alternative. However, you'll pay the sitter per hour, and you can typically only seek the service when you have specific errands to run for a while.

A babysitter can either take care of your child through the night or day. Most babysitters are people working through college who need an extra buck.

There's no type of child care option that's superior. The best care depends on your needs and availability. For more information about any of the services listed above, contact a local child care center.